413th Mission Statement: Provide Combat-Ready Citizen Airmen
         413th Vision: Innovative citizen Airmen capable of agile, timely and efficient support to sustain and 
hance combat capabilities Air Force

         Reserve Mission: Provide Combat-Ready Forces to Fly, Fight and Win.
         Air Force Reserve Vision: The Air Force Reserve will remain an integrated, flexible and combat-ready force
                                                      providing accessible and sustainable capabilities as an Air Force component 
supporting our National Security

          Gen. Harrison R. Thyng, one of the earliest commanders and WWII ace, led the group on the first ever
          Pacific-crossing of single seat fighters flying P-47N aircraft from the west coast to Ie Shima. He later
          added five more kills flying F-86s becoming one of only six US Airmen who were both a piston and jet ace.
         The Group's annual award for the outstanding airman is named in his honor.

         Capt. Manuel "Pete" Fernandez was the third leading ace in Korea with 15 kills before being assigned to the
         413th flying the F-100.

         Before Gen. Robbie Risner rose to fame as a Vietnam hero and POW, he first served as the commander of
         the 413th Fighter Day Group's 34th Fighter Day Squadron flying the F-100 Super Sabre.

         Another well-known aviator, Gen. Chuck Yeager, served as the 413th Director of Operations alongside Risner. 
        These men set the standard for the men and women of the 413th FTG, today and tomorrow.

Aircraft of the 413th
413th Commander
    Wing Commander
413th Vice Commander
     Vice Commander
413th Command Chief
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