Headquartered at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Ga, 22nd Air Force - one of three numbered air forces in Air Force Reserve Command - is a combat ready force comprised of over 12,000 Citizen Airmen, civilians and contractors organized in 13 units spread across the eastern part of the United States. Through the U.S. Air Force unique contribution of Global Reach, 22nd Air Force provides the United States military with operational capability, strategic depth and the capacity to surge quickly when needed. 

The primary mission of 22nd Air Force is to Provide Citizen Airmen who stand ready to answer our Nation’s call through Globally
Integrated Operations. On any given day, Citizen Airmen from the 22nd Air Force are in the fight, supporting Combatant Commanders around the world by rapidly transporting tailored forces, equipment and supplies from garrison to the point of crisis. Citizen Airmen from 22nd Air Force also lead the way in the most unique special missions for our country to include hurricane reconnaissance, aerial spray missions and aerial firefighting. Furthermore, 22nd Air Force has command supervision of other vital mission sets to include distinguished visitor airlift, undergraduate pilot training, basic military training, warfighting effectiveness and survivability of mobility forces training, flight test operations and a highly mobile civil engineering response force.

The vision of 22nd Air Force is simple and straight-forward:

22nd Air Force is the Leading provider of Citizen Airmen, postured to dominate any battle space - Lethal, Resilient, Agile... Second to none! Airmen from 22nd Air Force are unique experts in the design, generation, support, and application of Global Reach.  Therefore, we are obligated to deliberately develop our Airmen – military and civilian – to project power, influence and assistance responsively with unrivaled speed and precision to any point on the earth.

Three priorities drive the focus and efforts of 22nd Air Force on a daily basis: (1) Develop our People; (2) Enhance our Readiness; (3) Clear and Open Communication; and (4) Effective and Comprehensive Processes.

Resources assigned to 22nd Air Force:

       More than 12,000 Citizen Airmen, civilians and contractors organized in 13 units spread across United States.
       Seven C-130 Unit Equipped Wings

   Includes three units with specially modified C-130H and J model aircraft to execute three special DoD missions

      Hurricane Hunter
      Modular Aerial Spray System
      Modular Fire Fighting System (mission shared with ANG)
      One C-40 Distinguished Airlift Wing
      One Airlift Group
      One Flight Test Group  
      One Flying Training Group
      One Civil Engineering Group     
      Two Reserve Support Squadrons
      One Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Center