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  • Aerial porters saddle up for ROUNDUP, embrace challenges

    Six Airmen from the Reserve wing here traveled to Atlanta to compete in an aerial port competition, which ran March 13-15 at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Ga. During the first 22nd Air Force Aerial Port ROUNDUP, port dawgs from the 38th Aerial Port Squadron vied for the top spot in six events designed to test their efficiency and safety in various
  • Airman puts college on hold to serve, becomes port dawg

    Opening a crate full of uniforms sounds simple, but for one Airman here, it was life-altering. One fall, Eukenya Lewis, an airman first class in the 38th Aerial Port Squadron, was going through some boxes filled with Citadel memorabilia from his time as a student there, when he found a folder lying on top of a pile of uniforms. "I always knew I
  • Aerial porters wrangle experience from ROUNDUP

    Eighteen Reserve aerial port squadrons participated in 22nd Air Force's first aerial port ROUNDUP, March 13-15 here at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Ga. A handful of squadrons have never attended a competition like the ROUNDUP, which was geared to test the capabilities of aerial port Airmen. Among the Reservists participating in the aerial port
  • Aerial port competition wraps up, Minneapolis takes top prize

    The inaugural 22 Air Force Aerial Port ROUNDUP, hosted by Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Ga., wrapped up March 15 after three days of competition pitting 18 aerial port squadrons against each other to find the most proficient unit. Each five-member team competed in six events including engine running on/off load, joint inspection, in-transit visibility,
  • Deployment prepares Citizen Airmen for stateside competition

    Where would a prison guard, a physical trainer and a welder come to compete? Only the 22nd Air Force Aerial Port ROUNDUP at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Ga., would challenge this team of Citizen Airmen. During the weekend of March 13, a handful of reservists from the 32nd Aerial Port Squadron out of Pittsburgh saddled up to compete in the inaugural
  • Port dawg finds solace in university on wheels

    As aerial port troops scramble through obstacles during the 22nd Air Force Aerial Port ROUNDUP at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Ga., Tech. Sgt. James Corbett is a stone in the river. On any given day, Sergeant Corbett juggles the responsibilities of being a single parent, entrepreneur, volunteer for the habitat of humanity, full-time college student
  • Inaugural competition bears bite of 22nd port dawgs

    The inaugural 22nd Air Force Aerial Port ROUNDUP kicked off Friday at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Ga. Members from 18 Aerial Port squadrons met at the Transportation Proficiency Center on Dobbins to compete in six events based on real world and Air Expeditionary Force takings. The three-day competition tested the proficiency of five-member aerial
  • State visit honors women

    When she walks down the halls of the capitol, Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel may wear a skirt and sport new earrings, but she's not there to be a woman in a man's chair, she's there to be a legislator, working for the citizenry of her state. "Most people take me as a no-nonsense legislator," she said recently during a Women's History Month